Appco Group España signs 10,000 donors to help Oxfam fight Ebola

Appco Group España and its fundraisers have signed more than 10,000 regular-giving donors since January 2014 for Oxfam Intermón, one of the global NGOs working to combat Ebola.

“Thanks to the Appco Group España team for your involvement in our campaign to recruit new donors. With your help, we change lives that change lives,” said Maria Argimón, a member of the Oxfam Intermón team.

With the support of 10,000 new long-term donors, the charity can distribute even more hygiene kits to vulnerable areas and provide clean water for isolation units and for the treatment of the disease.

Oxfam can also provide more protective equipment for teams looking after people with Ebola, and continue to raise public awareness on how to prevent the virus from spreading.

More than 8,000 people have contracted Ebola since the outbreak of the disease and over 4,000 have died from it. In addition, 2,000 children have been orphaned and 10,000 new cases are expected by December 2014.